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Lit Creative is a multidisciplinary production company that is based in LA and operates all around the world 🌏. We aspire to create the most captivating, vibrant, and impactful visual experience by combining the most innovative technology available, with our expertise in lighting ⚑️ and visual content πŸ’». Not one show is alike since we value the creative desires of our clients and make sure our small team of passionate individuals brings greatness to your eyes every time πŸ‘€.

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Bits and bobs β†’

Anything from visual content to lighting design. Singular services for your singular needs.

Full Production β†’

New ideas, concept, visual content, lighting design, stage design, programming, aka the whole package.

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Night owls β†’

The night owl shifts like programming, operating shows, VJ and everything in between. Help us, help you.


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